Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Survey results!!!!!

Hello everyone! So here I am again this time with the survey results! I was so excited to do this and to get y'alls opinion on what post I should do and I got an amazing response! Seriously you guys are amazing! Also thank you for all the sweet comments you left in the additional area! So now for the results!!!!!

For the first round it was between

Favorites and Hate-its


Hack it! (life hacks)

And you guys voted for HACK IT!!!!!!

For the next voting was a christmas category and for those of you who don't know I am doing a blogger series called a blogger christmas with a couple other bloggers (to see more details click HERE and search blogger christmas) and I was coming for the next category for this week!

So here were the categories!

Christmas hacks

Christmas bucket list

Christmas Diy


So you guys go to my blog hazel eyed blonde to see the post on Thursday!

The next category was my most requested post!

And it was between

Beauty favorites

Bedroom tour

and Testing pintrest hacks


Thank you guys again for voting! And don't forget to subscribe to my new blog hazel eyed blonde

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