Saturday, August 6, 2016

In honor of my birthday...

In honor of my birthday I am going to be sharing some funny things about myself and some pictures of the #todayskidswillneverknow I was born in 03 so it hasn't been that long but I can TOTALLY relate to the things that I posted.  And if you can relate comment down below!! I hope you enjoy this post! And I hope this post makes you smile :D 

Let's just talk about webkinz for a sec, This was before apps for me. This thing was my social life xD 

And the scoters!! Those things hurt so much when they hit your ankles!! 

Veggie tales!! I loved those things!!! Do any of y'all remember the some Oh Where is my hairbrush? I sing that song every time I lose my hairbrush...Random fact xD 

I still have these and I love them!!! 


Haha, 1st grade y'all :D 

Drink your milk! 

If you had one of these you were cool! :D Remember? 

Now here are some things that I do that I found some pictures to on pintrest :D 

YUM! Ice cream, it just sounds so good right now! 

I hate math :D 


Cute story, once I was doing this and my arms buckled and I fell on my face and I had a bruise on my forehead... And it hurt really bad.

Before I found this I thought I was the only one!!!! But I'M NOT!! If any of you guys do this please let me know xD 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Follow my pintrest for more of these pictures :D 
There is a link over on the sidebar over here somewhere ------> 

I will be sharing birthday party photos so stay tuned!! 


  1. The ice cream and swinging in the kitchen is relatable. I still do this sometimes now actually. And whenever someone has a sippy cup I always want to drink in it. I just like that.

    1. haha :D Ice cream milkshake YES!!

  2. I can remember and relate to all of these! What day is your birthday again? Happy Birthday!

    1. I know, they are toattally relatable! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!!! I can't share the exact day of my birthday on the internet though, I'm sorry! :)

  3. (gets slightly annoyed when realizing the comment I just typed didn't show up because I hadn't clicked the box. Ahem.)This is SO great! I did/had SO MUCH of this when I was younger!!! YES YES.
    Happy Birthday!

    1. I do that too xD THANK YOU!!!!! I know!! Thank you so much!!!!

  4. basically all of these make me laugh alright?!


    1. Thank you!!!!! I KNOW!! REMEMBER THE CLUBHOUSES???? xD

  5. Replies
    1. Thank you so much!!!!!!!!!!!!! :D

  6. Lol! These are all so funny. Happy birthday! =)


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