Monday, August 22, 2016

Blog-Olympics!!!! The tag!

Hello Everybody!!!!! So today I am going to me hosting *clears throat* BLOG OLYMPICS!! You may be thinking, what in the world is that... Well start reading bellow my friend :D


-Use the blogging Olympics image (or make your own) 

-Thank the person who tagged you (Thank you Ellie!) And list the rules

-Answer the Olympic themed questions (feel free to make your own!) 

Well this sounded pretty fun so I thought why not! I love tags!!!! Lets get into the post!!



If you could compete in an event what would it be? 

Gymnastics!!!!!!!!! Was that obvious? :D 

Favorite Event to watch?

GYMNASTICS!!!!! haha but seriously it is!!! Its amazing! But my second favorite would probably be volleyball or swimming 

Olympian you most admire

Probably Gabby douglas :) 

What sports do you currently play?

Gymnastics :) 

Summer or winter olympics? 

Summer!! Winter olympics is fun too but I like the summer just a little bit better :D 

A sport that should be in the olympics?

I really don't know!!! Maybe dance?? But I mean they have rhythm gymnastics so...

What do you think would be going through your head right before you compete? 

Don't split the beam... don't split the beam... don't split the beam...

But seriously probably a prayer! Like Lord help me through this please help me not to fly off the bars and my fans not to make fail video of me :D Y'all probably think I'm kidding!!! 

If you could chose a location for the olympics where would you chose?

North Carolina!!!!!! So I could see it live!! 

Whats the most boring sport you've seen on the olympics? 

I've never seen a boring sport on the olympics, because sports are just fascinating ya know!! 

Thank you guys for reading this!!! I Tag...

Aria- Purrfectly inspired

Allie -Sincerely Allied 

Nabila -Hot town cool girl                                          Also I would like to say that I didn't put links to 

Bonnie -Bonnies blessings                                          anyones blogs because I always get the URL 

Julia -A bare foot gal                                                  wrong. Whops!!! :D

AND YOU!!!!!!!! 

Whats YOUR favorite sport to watch on the Olympics??? 


  1. Yay for this tag! This was awesome! I totally forgot that you do gymnastics too. What's your favorite event? I loved Gabby Douglas in the Olympics, but my whole family agreed she just looked a little disappointed. She would always be the girl who wasn't cheering the most. I think it's weird of her. The Olympics can be very distracting though cause you're pressured to do the best. Thanks for doing this tag!
    P.S. I'm having a giveaway on my blog if you want to enter that'd be great! Thanks!

    1. My favorite event is Bars!!!!!!!! Yeah I guess she was :) I love that she's a christian and I think that she's an amazing gymnast! No problem! It was a lot of fun!!!! :) I will definitely enter!! :D

  2. Thank you for tagging me, Kiley. :) It looks like fun. I think it's time for this tag to be stopped though since the Olympics are now over! I won't be participating since it's a bit too late now, but thanks. :)

  3. I love this tag! Gymnastics is seriously the best!! I used to be a gymnast but I stopped a couple years ago once I got to Level 8 because I kept on getting injured. I still love gymnastics though and I watch it all the time!

    1. Thank You so much Maddy! It is! Whoa girl! Level 8 its awesome!!!!! Gymnastics can be really dangerous so yeah I totally understand :) It is so much fun to watch!


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