Saturday, June 4, 2016

Easy summer DIY crafts!

Hey guys!!! So today I am going to be sharing some easy summer crafts that you can do if you have free time! I have done most of these but some I really liked and I haven't done but I wanted to share them anyway :) If you like these pictures look familiar I found these pictures on pintrest Because they are a little bit better quality than my pictures :D I hope you enjoy!! 

                 Diy fabric charging station! I haven't done 
                    this one but It looks so cool! And I wanted to 
share this one with ya'll :) 

 Washi tape your phone charger!
 What a great idea! Who likes just plain ole white :D
 This one is so pintresty! I LOVE it!
my version was not as pretty let me tell you!! I just used plain ole white paper instead of colored paper but either way it is great!

 wrap your paper with twine 
and use a mason jar!!!  
I just gotta say I love the colors they chose!! I just did stripes :D

This one is really summery and It is really fun to do!! You can also do this one as a babysitting project. And get them to use their hands or even just splatter some paint on it!


Use lace, burlap, rocks or anything you can find that you can paint over to add some texture!! 


mix some sand, glue and paint in a bowl and paint with that to add a really cool texture. 

This has been the greatest for organizing! I am horrible at being organized so these have really helped me! I got my bins at target for 3$ a piece and you can get chalk markers and chalkboard stickers at Michael's for less than 10$! It is definitely worth it!


paint some polka dots! Add your monogram at the bottom! Put your personal stamp on these bins to make it feel like you :D 

I hope you liked this post!! I would love to see your take on these projects!! Send them in to my email at  and I will use your pictures in another post! With a link underneath to your blog!! So send away!! 


  1. These all look like really fun summer crafts. Thanks for sharing, Kiley! :) That fabric charging station is pretty cool. Oh, and I really like the idea of putting that fun tape on a charger chord! :D

  2. No problem thank you for commenting Rebekah! I know! I really want to try the charging station! :D

  3. These are really neat! Thanks for sharing Kiley!! :D


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