Monday, May 30, 2016

My Summer bucket list!

O MY GOODNESS!!!!!!!!!! Guys, I am SO excited! Do you know why?! Because its summer!!!!!!!! So today I am going to be doing a summer bucket list :D I got this idea from Nablia and Y'all should go and check out hers too! :D So here it goes!

B-4 I start I would like to say that this post will be picture less :( I am so sorry. My computer downloads thing isn't working. But I hope this post will be just as entertaining without pictures :)

#1 I want to start working out at the gym and go regularly. I am now allowed to work out this summer since I will be 13! :D Yay!!!

#2 I want to get my back handspring. Agh! Those things are so tough to get!

#3 I want to have a summer photo shoot with my friends :D I think this would be so fun!

#4 I want to eat healthier. Who doesn't? :D

#5 Have a water balloon fight! And maybe add a little paint with the water or just paint!!!

#6 Decorite my room with some DIY summer decorations :D I am not very crafty so we will see how that goes!

#7 Have an out door sleepover. Sleeping under the stars!

#8 Go to summer camp :)

#9  Make some GOOD salsa!!!

#10 Have a picnic with my family! :D

I hope y'all enjoyed this post!! Whats on YOUR bucket list? 

Love~ Kiley 


  1. cute :)
    I did one on my blog too (

  2. Love your bucket list!! They all sound so much fun!!

  3. lol...I see a few things we can do...SALSA...sleep over....etc....

    1. Yes! Definitely salsa!!!! :D I need some help! And a professional like you! :D

  4. Great ideas! I love them all! I like the sleeping under the stars idea!

    1. Thank you!!! Yeah! That should be a lot of fun!!!

  5. That's sounds so fun!
    What camp are you going to?
    Ps. Thanks for your comment on my blog! :)

    1. I am going to camp with my church, (pleasant Hill) You should come! :D

  6. Those are some fun ideas! My uncle and I have made salsa over the summer before. Homemade salsa tastes way better than any store brand.

    1. I totally agree!!! That is so cool you and your uncle make salsa together!! :D


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