Thursday, February 18, 2016

Life hacks everyone should know

 10 Life hacks everyone should know 

Hey guys! Here is my life hacks post! These have been really awesome for me and I have used them a lot. I hope these are helpful for you guys! 

#1 Does your room ever get cold? Try sitting on the edge of your bed where your feet are gonna be right before you get into bed that way your feet won't be cold

#2 If you are going to go to the pool, beach, etc and you don't want your phone to get wet put it in a ziplock bag. You can still access the buttons and it will keep it from mud, grime and water. 

#3 Keep your money and ids in between your phone and your phone case. No one will find them there! 

#4 On vacation change your phone screen to your medical id and contact info. So if your hurt or your phone gets lost, hope for a good samaritan to return it to you! 

#5 you can take off stains your shoes by using nail polish remover 

#6 Do you have an empty chapstick container? Roll up your money and stick it in there! :) 

#7 Want someone to stop texting or calling you? Send them this message  SERVICE ERROR 305: MESSAGE DELIVERY FAILED: FUTHRE NOTICE WILL BE CHARGED TO YOUR ACCOUNT  ;) 

#8 Cut a pool noodle in half and stick each half inside your boots. that way they won't fold over and cause creases in your boots. 

#9 Trying to eat less? Use a smaller plate that will trick your brain into thinking you are eating just as much. 

#10 Want something filling for a snack? Try almonds they usually always fill you up 


  1. I love this post!! :) These are some great tips!

  2. Thank you so much! I use them a TON LOL!

  3. These are great ideas..I did a few...thank you ...

  4. The pictues are awesome. .love the 3rd one. Looks like crosses...but love the lines and shadows. Maybe we could have a photo day!


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