Wednesday, December 14, 2016

The Survey results!!!!!

Hello everyone! So here I am again this time with the survey results! I was so excited to do this and to get y'alls opinion on what post I should do and I got an amazing response! Seriously you guys are amazing! Also thank you for all the sweet comments you left in the additional area! So now for the results!!!!!

For the first round it was between

Favorites and Hate-its


Hack it! (life hacks)

And you guys voted for HACK IT!!!!!!

For the next voting was a christmas category and for those of you who don't know I am doing a blogger series called a blogger christmas with a couple other bloggers (to see more details click HERE and search blogger christmas) and I was coming for the next category for this week!

So here were the categories!

Christmas hacks

Christmas bucket list

Christmas Diy


So you guys go to my blog hazel eyed blonde to see the post on Thursday!

The next category was my most requested post!

And it was between

Beauty favorites

Bedroom tour

and Testing pintrest hacks


Thank you guys again for voting! And don't forget to subscribe to my new blog hazel eyed blonde

Thursday, December 8, 2016

Blog post ideas! A Survey!

Hello everyone!!!!! I have a special post for y'all! Most of you guys know that I recently switched blogs to Hazel-eyed blonde and if you didn't go check that out! But I have come up with a couple post ideas and I need y'alls help to decide which one you would like to see! For these new post I want to know what y'all think I should do, because I care about you guys opinion!  I will be doing this "survey" Type thing on both my blogs! So go and vote! :D

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Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Birthday party pictures!!!!

Hey guys!!!!!!! As promised I am going to be showing y'all some of my 13th birthday party pictures! I can't believe this week is my birthday week!! I'M A TEENAGER GUYS!!!!!!!! How scary is that!... Anyways! I am so excited to be sharing these  (photocred to my mother) photos of my party xD Hope you guys enjoy!! I want to thank Mrs Tammy for doing all the planning and food!!! :D 

When you walk in there is a little table with suckers and mini honey jars And some pictures :)

When you walk through the doors this is the food table and it has a window decorated :)

There were a lot of pictures :D

Heres the back :)

And bellow the basketball goal (in the background, you can kinda see my photo booth. Which is some ribbon hung along a line :D

This was the drink table I thought it was adorable!!! I took all these pictures before the party started so there wasn't any drinks in the drink dispenser xD 

This was the gift table :) 

This was the banner that Mrs Tammy made out of paper :D 

Here are some photos from the photo booth!! 

Group picture!!! :D 

Saturday, August 6, 2016

In honor of my birthday...

In honor of my birthday I am going to be sharing some funny things about myself and some pictures of the #todayskidswillneverknow I was born in 03 so it hasn't been that long but I can TOTALLY relate to the things that I posted.  And if you can relate comment down below!! I hope you enjoy this post! And I hope this post makes you smile :D 

Let's just talk about webkinz for a sec, This was before apps for me. This thing was my social life xD 

And the scoters!! Those things hurt so much when they hit your ankles!! 

Veggie tales!! I loved those things!!! Do any of y'all remember the some Oh Where is my hairbrush? I sing that song every time I lose my hairbrush...Random fact xD 

I still have these and I love them!!! 


Haha, 1st grade y'all :D 

Drink your milk! 

If you had one of these you were cool! :D Remember? 

Now here are some things that I do that I found some pictures to on pintrest :D 

YUM! Ice cream, it just sounds so good right now! 

I hate math :D 


Cute story, once I was doing this and my arms buckled and I fell on my face and I had a bruise on my forehead... And it hurt really bad.

Before I found this I thought I was the only one!!!! But I'M NOT!! If any of you guys do this please let me know xD 

I hope you enjoyed this post! Follow my pintrest for more of these pictures :D 
There is a link over on the sidebar over here somewhere ------> 

I will be sharing birthday party photos so stay tuned!! 

Friday, July 29, 2016

My favorite Hairstyles/ How to do them

Hey Guys!! As promised I am doing a favorite hair styles and how to do them tutorial :D Sadly I couldn't get a video uploaded :( I'm so sorry. BUT I have some pictures for y'all and I hope you enjoy this post!! Lets get into it!!

Tight curls really don't look good on my hair. And my hair is thin so waves look so much better :)

I curl my hair first with a wand

I got my wand at TJ max for 18 dollars

And I put some hair spray and heat protecter on.

My mom was a hair stylist and when she curled peoples hair she always said to put hairspray on before that way the curls stay way longer.

Heres a wrap guide that is very helpful!!

Here are the curls in another picture :)

I Love this hairstyle because its easy and its great for anything from workout to church or a wedding.

HOW TO DO IT: It's a french braid into a twist. So take 3 strands and add in a piece of hair every time you do one knot. After you've gone over one side of your head take the end of your braid and twist it into a spiral. Secure it with bobby pins or a twisty and your good to go!

The next hairstyle is a overnight one. Start with damp hair and twist it into a top knot. it will give your hair the swooped effect like my hair in the picture :)

NOTE: It works best with layers

I Hope you guys liked this post!!! Would you like to see more hairstyles? What is your go to hairstyle??

Friday, July 15, 2016

Best friend photo shoot part 2!!!!!

HI guys! As promised I am doing a part two to my best friend photo shoot! Except this time I will be featuring one of my best friends Amelia!!!!! She is so awesome and so are these pictures!!! I hope you guys enjoy!!!

This is my favorite picture we took out of the whole shoot! And it describes us perfectly!!! :D 
This picture is so cute! And I edited it a little but our grass was actually pretty brown because it hadn't rained in about a month!! 

Photo cred to Amelia!!! I just had to share this beautiful photo of some wildflowers!! 

The sky was just so beautiful that day!! 

Would you guys like to see more photo shoots? Which picture was your favorite? 

A special thanks to: 

To my awesome starbucks buddy, the person that everything is funnier when she's around and sends texts that make you smile every time :D 

My amazing photographer mother :D Who could stand the 90 degree weather and sacrificed her signs just so we could have a cute picture ;) 

Monday, July 11, 2016

A Best friend photo shoot!!!

HI guys! So today I am really excited to be sharing this photo shoot with you guys! Because I really love these kind of post! So This post is going to be a part one and I will be doing part two very very soon! So lets get into it! 

These pictures were taken at the bird sanctuary in NC And I really really love this picture I mean the background is so beautiful!!!! 

It was raining in this picture so it felt like we were in a rain forest!! 

First I would like to give myself a shoutout for getting out this tree in a dress. And I would also like to point out that I fell out of this tree once :D and in that picture I had just got up on it and I was laughing at myslef! But it was SO worth it for this picture! Again the background is amazing!! 

A tip: don't try to climb a tree in a skirt XD 

 I am in love with this picture! Comment down bellow which one of us you think is falling off the bridge! 

I saw this picture on pintrest and I loved it. Lets just appreciate Auburn in this picture I mean how awesome is she! 

So how did you like these pictures? Which one is your favorite? 


To my awesome friend Auburn for being so amazing and Laughing constantly with me 

To my amazing mom for taking all of these pictures and laughing at our awkward ones 

ALSO! if you want to see some of Auburns photography you can view her instagram page @afbphotgraphy27 

Saturday, July 2, 2016

Whats on my phone?

Hey guys! So I am so happy I have had more time recently to blog, because I love blogging. Blogging is fun! And my head has been exploding with ideas for you guys! :D And I sent out an email to everyone that has subscribed by email and asked them on what post they would like to see me do. So I am going to give a hint on one of my next post and I am very excited! I am going to be 

doing some of my favorite hairstyles!! And I will be using my pictures and showing you guys how to do them :D Also I am trying to get some videos uploaded. But I don't know of any good video editors. If you guys know of a good app or a good site let me know! So now that I have shared some of my next post I am going to get into this one :D So I decided to do a whats on my phone post, but It is kinda like part one? Because I am just doing the apps that I use. Obviously I can't upload all the pictures on my phone because ya know that would take forever :D SO anyway lets get into this post! 

OH! And another fun twist is I will be rating the apps on a scale of 1-10 :D 

Etsy! I love etsy! I've gotten a good amount of stuff of there! I love how you can find pretty much anything!


 Candy crush. Not even sure why I still have this one. A lot of the little kids that I babysit like to play on it :D I think candy crush can be fun for a little while but it wears out.

 Color switch!! I LOVE this game! Especially when I'm bored ;)

 Instagram photo editor! Since I just got instagram a couple weeks ago I needed a grid for my pictures :D This app is really awesome!!! And I'm pretty sure that even if you don't have instagram it is still a great grid app you can use :)

 Of corse I have the general stuff like messages, phone appliances. All that great stuff :) I won't rate my phone XD
 Musicilaly. I really don't use this app much But it can be funny to watch other peoples videos.

 Photomath. This app has been awesome for school! And homework!

Pic collage. Yes I'm still one of these people :D I really like pic collage okay? :D

Pintrest! I LOVE LOVE LOVE pintrest! Side note, you can follow me over ------>  I think I go on there to much XD


VSCO! I love this app! It is the best photo editing app by far. That is what I edit my photos on here with :D and if you guys get it and you download it you guys can follow me my username is @kileyava 


you cam makeup. I really don't know why I have this app. You know? Those apps that just kinda stay there :D But its pretty to fool around with. Like the other day I made over my grandma XD


I hope you guys enjoyed this post! Do you guys have any of these apps? Whats a post you would like to see me do? 


Wednesday, June 29, 2016

Whats in my bag!

HI guys!!! So today I am going to be doing a what's in my bag post, I don't know about y'all but I always enjoy reading these post. Its kinda weird but girls just like looking at whats inside each others purses ya know. Like its a girls thing :D Anyway! I hope you guys enjoy this post! Lets get into it!

So first I want to talk about my bag, In my interview with Aria she asked if I was more of a purse or backpack kinda girl and I said backpack! This bag is my all-time favorite bag! It can fit so much stuff in it and one of my favorite things about it is it has a zipper pocket (you guys can see) that fits my phone perfect! And my favorite thing about this bag is the rope strap :D 

So the next thing is my wallet! I LOVE this wallet I got from target! I got it on sale for 8$ Great deal I know! It has a TON of space. And if you guys haven't figured it out you should know I love things with a ton of space in it :D 

The next thing is Earbuds! With a family like mine your gonna need some! 

So yeah I can explain the tic-tac box with the bobby pins in it :D I have a problem guys, I loose literately ALL the bobby pins I have ever owned and they just all magically disappear... Anyone else? So those 2 bobby pins you see right there in the tic-tac box are the last remains on my once very big collection! Note to self: get some more bobby pins next time you go to the store. 

The next thing I have is lotion. Because my hands get really dry! And I am really in love with this sent from bath and body! The next thing in my little line of products would be my beloved chapsticks. If you guys know me you know that I can't go anywhere without chapstick. And I have decided that no chapstick can be EOS :D I also have han-san because in a world like we live in were gonna have some germs :D 

I also have some brace wax, cuz your never gonna know when you need that! And lastly I have a portable brush/compact mirror. This thing is a life savor and I think that every girl should have one. The cost literately 5$ and on those messy hair days (basically every day for me) When you out and about and need a brush and you don't have your full blown wet brush there you go! 

I hope you guys have enjoyed this post! Whats something YOU never leave out the door without?